These new Revolutionary Totems are made in bronze and aluminum.

Garnett's old friend and collector wanted to make a Revolutionary Family Totem.  Garnett proposed an additive totem so his collector could add family members as his family grew.  Garnett's collector gave the artist a number of old photographs from which he worked to achieve silhouettes.  Some of the references were not perfect, so the artist worked with his collector to approximate the most accurate silhouettes.  Garnett created a totem with interchangeable heads that can screw into any configuration.  A skull cap on the top head unscrews and allows for more heads to be added as the collector's family grows.

Garnett wants to do a large marble or granite totem in a sculpture garden, lawn or field.  If you would like to subsidize this project, or if you have an interest in a Revolutionary Family Totem in bronze, aluminum, marble, granite, or wood, email the artist with any inquiries.

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