Questions by Christine Georghiou for Sandy Garnett, Lead Artist
Team Members Joy Wulke, Jamie Burnett, Supertech

1.      Could you provide a statement regarding how the new lighting on the Stamford Train Station has changed the environment or been received by the project, or how you feel about the final result?
I think The State and the City achieved their goals with my Team of beautifying a building which has received some criticism in the past. I have always found the Stamford Station to be interesting for its utilitarian minimalism, so my greatest concern was to respect the architecture first and foremost, which I made sure my Team honored. I have heard from hundreds of people that the lighting project has ‘transformed’ the building and given something to many thousands of nightly commuters on I-95, which passes right by the Stamford Train Station. I have friends whose children have told me it’s their favorite thing to see when in the car, which means the project has inspired a wide age spectrum.

Stamford is the largest hub outside of Grand Central in the Tri-State region, so the Stamford Train Station Illumination is a beacon between New York and Connecticut, or New York and Boston I have heard, with its high visibility from points North and South on I-95. The fine art community recently awarded the project Top 50 Public Art Projects in the USA of 2012, editorializing that The Stamford Station is one of the most compelling public art projects on the East Coast.
I feel that the final result was a better version of the proposal book I designed. I have attached an image to support my point. The images on the left are the visualizations I created for our presentation to help the Committee see what we were planning to do, and the images on the right are images of the completed permanent fine art lighting installation.
I got my start as a professional fine artist in Stamford, renting my first post-college studio for a decade in the South End on Canal Street. A longtime member of the Loft Artists Association and the Arts community in Stamford and Fairfield County, I have a loyalty to the City of Stamford for having supported my art career right out of the gate. I am honored to have been selected as the Lead Artist to assemble the Team that won the commission to create a permanent fine art lighting installation at Stamford Train Station.
2.      Why did you choose to use Philips Color Kinetics fixtures to supplement the LED neon strips on the façade of the station? How do you think the wash lighting contributes to the total effect?
The Philips wash lighting is a major component of the Stamford Train Station lighting installation. Philips Color Kinetics are superior fixtures that I went right back to when I was commissioned by The Trout Museum of Art to create a permanent fine art installation on that building in 2013. The Stamford Train Station façade is very flat, without many architectural recesses, which creates the effect of sheets of color in the color washes. The color wash almost looks like the building has been ‘dipped’ in luminescent color, and when the RGB colors are in motion the building shimmers and looks like it is moving.


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