1999 October 15


By Mary Beth Faller


In your hand, you hold Sandy Garnett's inspiration.

The Darien artist takes the whorls and swirls of a fingerprint and makes paintings, sculpture and silk screens.

"Each one is its own work of art," he says, revering each of the more than 600 fingerprints he's collected.  "It binds me to other human beings.  I can't work without you.  It's an honor to get them."

Garnett will be showing his work during the Loft Artists Association's Open Studios Weekend, which will run from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. next Saturday and Sunday, November 13 and 14. Every year, the artists in the association open their studios, in the old Yale and Towne factory building on Henry Street in Stamford, to go public.

At last year's Open Studios, about 150 people gave Garnett a fingerprint, and he'll probably receive more next weekend.  He scans the prints into his computer to manipulate them, to create layouts, and to "three-dimensionalize them for his sculpture.

He'll be displaying his "Fingerprint Family Totem," a sculpture hewn from a pine log representing the fingerprints of his family, as well as paintings and prints of friends, fellow artists, himself and people he doesn't know.

Besides fingerprint art, Garnett will also be showing the traditional portraiture and landscapes work he does on commission.

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