The Fingerprint Project

October 7-December 1, 2003

Curated By Wendy Kelly

 The work of Sandy Garnett is showing October 7-December 1 at the Discovery Museum.  4460 Park Ave, Bridgeport, CT., 203.372.3521.

Sandy Garnett's fascination with identity has led him to explore the detail of the fingerprint through portraits.  We all know we can be identified by our fingerprint but the print must be magnified for us to notice its unique patterns and design. Does our fingerprint look like us in some way?  Looking closely is the primary job of an artist.  If he does it well we are compelled to notice things we have not seen before.  Garnett's interest in identity is turned upon himself as well in his fine painting "Self-Portrait with Matisse" and in the 84" pine sculpture; "Fingerprint Family Totem" carved with the fingerprints of his family. Other fingerprint portraits include that of musician David Bowie. 

Sandy Garnett was born in Fort Belvoir, Virginia in 1970.  He has been a professional painter and sculptor since the age of 20.  He has had solo exhibitions at Palet Gallery in New York City, the Rosenthal and Sackler Galleries in Stamford, Connecticut, and has participated in numerous regional group shows.  Garnett has been building his career out of his Stamford, Connecticut studio since graduation from St. Lawrence University in 1992.  He is an active guild member at the Silvermine Arts Guild and has been a member of The Stamford Loft Artist Association for ten years.

Sandy Garnett in his statement says, "working with the thousands of fingerprints I have collected from friends, family members and strangers over the years, I explore contemporary identity through painting, drawing, sculpture, silkscreen, photography, and digital art. "

"Fingerprints allow me to create in several mediums and genres at once.  For example, while investigating the formal qualities of an abstracted fingerprint composition, I am nevertheless painting a portrait of Bill.  The formality of a given fingerprint art work challenges but rarely supersedes the inherently spiritual nature of my fingerprint portraits, a tension I always look for in my creative process."

"The Fingerprint Project requires the collaborative energies of subjects who support my fascination with their uniqueness.  I am at work on a lifetime project that responds to the contemporary art arena while exploring the fundamental symbols of human identity."

Contact:  curator: Wendy Kelley

Tel: 310.230.7852

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