"Sandy paints broadly representational landscapes that touch on the verge of impressionism," MasterKarnik says. Sandy Garnett's interpretations of landscape merge lines of land, sea and sky in a more abstract way. His piece "Soft Landscpe" refers to the soft nature of his 2011 series of oil on canvas landscapes. "I have painted in a number of traditional styles and these paintings are set apart for their abstract, soft, peaceful, nondescript qualities," says Garnett. A Norwalk, CT, resident, he is a career artist who has been painting for more than 20 years. He started his first art studio while studying art and English at St. Lawrence University and never stopped.

"If you look at my work you will see a broad range," Garnett says. "I am inspired to make things on a daily basis as a matter of spiritual sustenance - and to cover my monthly expenses!" The self-described "first generation Reconstructionist" aims to bridge gaps between the genres, often working on more than one canvas at a time. His first 1000 paintings were recently published in a hardcover book titled "The First 1000 Paintings of Sandy Garnett."


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