Posted on February 6

Hello to all our backers,

Our t-shirt and poster art is being developed and I will be in touch soon regarding sizes and maybe a design choice. I've contracted my old friend Sandy Garnett to put together a couple of cool, original designs. In addition to a huge range of artwork and sculpture, Sandy has done album covers, posters, t-shirts, and assorted artwork for bands like Widespread Panic, Blues Traveler, B.B. King, Little Feat, The Ramones, Leftover Salmon, the H.O.R.D.E. tour, Bill Graham Presents, and The Fox Theater to name but a very few. So expect at least one design to have some rock'n'roll style with craft beer sensibility. We'll probably also do something more classic and straightforward as well for a bit different look if that's your bag.

Also, send photos, pictures, memories, interview contacts, anything you have personally that will help tell Michael's story. This is a creative community of backers, and you are all encouraged to get involved directly with the film if you have something to add.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying the New Year.



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